Jop Blom – Behold Workshop about Sustainable Entrepreneurship


Inspired by AIESEC back in 1998, Jop Blom became a serial sustainable entrepreneur with now already over 20 years of experience in empowering sustainable entrepreneurship beyond borders for positive impact in the world.

He is the founder of the Behold Sustainable Venture Group and with our teams in the Netherlands, South Africa and Colombia we are thinking global and acting local by offer a unique one-stop-shop to support dozens of public, private, civic partners in sustainable entrepreneurship, innovation and acceleration. All with the overarching ambition to achieving the SDGs by contributing to long term value creation & leadership for sustainable inclusive growth.

His most recent project is the set-up of a Cleantech Hub to contribute to SDG 13 by driving green entrepreneurship & cleantech innovation in Colombia to fix climate change one start to scale up at a time. / /

Workshop: How can I Shake the World and contribute to the SDG’s?

As a young student you are at the most decisive career point in your life. You know that we have to do things differently to save our planet and you are eager to do so. But where to start? What can I offer to the world? How to find a Job? What profession am I looking for and for what kind of organization would I like to work.

Shall I start with a corporate career, preferably as a sustainability manager, to further develop my skill? Or do I believe I can actually make more impact by working for a (grassroot) NGO or Governmental organization. Or do you immediately want to work on your brilliant idea to save the planet and start your own social enterprise.

During this workshop I will share my experience as a sustainable entrepreneur by sharing some lessons learned in my career path. And together we will explore your IKIGAI, you reason of being that combines your passion, strengths, profession and mission to change the world for the better. Because at the end, the best way to predict a better future is to create it!

Emelien Venselaar – ASN Bank


Emmelien Venselaar has been working at the sustainability department of ASN bank since two years. From her study in ‘International development studies’ at the university of Wageningen, she gained a lot of entered in the role of business in sustainable development. This interest has been very useful when working at ASN bank, by doing research and giving advice about which companies, renewable energy projects or green obligations satisfy the strict sustainability criteria of the bank.

Workshop: ?

Op vrijdag 30 april komt duurzaam bankieren aan bod. ASN Bank investeert alleen in bedrijven die mensenrechten, klimaat en biodiversiteit respecteren. Maar hoe werkt deze selectie en welke afwegingen worden daarbij gemaakt? Doe mee, en leer denken als een duurzame bank.


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